Saturday, June 2, 2012

This and That

Here are a couple shots from the WSU Master Gardener’s plant sale that I attended a couple of weeks ago.  I brought home a couple lovely Aster’s and Oregon Grapes to fill in some holes around the yard.  I also thought this was a cool idea for an herb garden.  I think I see a tea garden in my future…

As for my detox, well, it ended a bit shorter than the three weeks I had planned. I guess the timing just wasn’t right. Regardless I felt that I got a lot out of my ten days and know I will do it again. 
In other news, we are now eating salads almost every day right out of the garden.  Pretty awesome.  I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to eat a bowl of greens that you just picked minutes before.  I am also harvesting spring onions, broccoli rabe and radishes right now.  Soon I will post a recipe of my vegan radish tartines.  So yummy!

Everything is growing like mad and amazingly nothing is getting eaten by the deer.  They have mysteriously not appeared this year.  Hopefully they just found a new home.  I’m not dwelling on it and instead am enjoying the beauty that is my yard.

Be Well.

Amber H.

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