Saturday, April 28, 2012

Procession Of The Species

 Today marked yet another Spring Art Walk in Olympia, WA. Every year people come out in droves to see local artists showcasing their work. This my friends, is Art Walk. It includes an event called the Procession of the Species, wherein costumes are worn representing all aspects of nature. You are sure to see many children dressed as flowers, bees and possibly lions. You are also sure to see many adults dancing, rollerskating and bicycling while wearing animal and nature costumes.  There are giant paper mache creations and every one is happy and frolicking about. It is an event well worth seeing, and I always come away feeling immensely pleased in this small yet big city I live in. These shots don't do this happening justice, but please enjoy all the same.

Here is a very cute little jumper I spotted in a fairly new thrift store called Psychic Sister in downtown Oly.

Maybe just maybe I will recreate it. I will keep you posted.

Amber H.

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