Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Detox Day 1

 Welcome to day 1 of my Spring detox!

Detoxing or cleansing to me really means returning to a simpler way of eating and taking some time to evaluate things. Examining how your body feels on a daily basis is important and helps us to be more in tune with ourselves. We should be doing these things everyday, but life has a way of butting in on our best intentions.

 I also don't believe in deprivation. That is not what this detox is about. Here is a really great article on one of my favorite blogs "My New Roots" Although she is writing this for a New Year detox for the Winter months, I still think it applies here. I have decided not to do any fasting. Instead I will be loading up on tons of fresh veggies, greens, green juice, green smoothies etc...

The first couple days of a detox can be the hardest, especially if you are addicted to caffeine. A good tip is to wean yourself from the caffeine to help prevent those dreaded caffeine withdrawal headaches. To do this you can mix half regular and half decaf and then gradually decrease the amount of regular. Or have a cup of green tea. Soon you won't even notice.

 If you are like me and you actually like the taste of coffee a really great product to buy is called "Teeccino." It is a ground up blend of herbs, grains, fruits and nuts. Sounds weird, but it is actually quite delicious and it has absolutely no caffeine. You can drink it at night or whenever. I like to mix it with some regular coffee beans in the morning, grind it all together and then brew it up in your coffee pot. It does have some gluten in it, so beware if you have any gluten sensitivities.

Also make sure you are getting enough sleep.

And lastly, breathe.

Amber H.

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